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Premium Candidate

This is a premium service. Imagine if there was a way to know all the jobs in the market that are relevant to me and be able to apply for those jobs promptly; wouldn’t managing your career be much easier? Well, you are in luck since Froak Consultants is offering just that.

Our advance technical and support team have set up a way to scout the market for all the available jobs. We will then filter the jobs that you qualify for and the ones that you are best placed to get. We will then go ahead and apply for this jobs on your behalf and notify you on the same.

Does This Mean I Will Get A Job Soon?

This service helps you keep relevant to the market by identifying what jobs are available for you and at the same time increase your chances for landing a better job faster. We do NOT guarantee that you will get the job, what we guarantee, is that we will apply to as many jobs as are available in the market that fit your career, CV and profile.

CV Services

This is a premium service. CV stands for Curriculum Vitae (which is Latin and just means your story). There many ways to write your CV and, while there is no perfect method to do it, targeting your CV and finding the right words to put in it are two of the hardest parts of writing a good CV. Most of us do not know how to write a good CV that can attract attention when placed among hundreds of other CVs.

In our line of work, we have encountered some really good candidates, but whose CV are poorly written and designed. You always want to have your CV reflect who you are and be relevant to the market. Froak Consultants, has been a leader in recruitment and placement for 15 years. We have invested in some of the best recruiters in the region. You could take advantage of this expertise and have your CV designed and created by the best HR recruiters in the market.

Soft Skills Training

This is a premium service. Soft skills in corporate terminology is the personal development and professional development. This includes irresistibly influential communication skills, entry-level skills, software application usage, body language, conversation & etiquette, ultimate time management strategies, goal setting and presentation skills among others.

We offer this trainings once every month. We announce this training a month prior. Each training is specific and may target a certain skill level.

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